Miami Digi

So we got back last week.  It's nice to be home, but we definitely miss Miami a lot!  Anyways, here is a digicam edit from the trip!


Peace Miami

This is the end of the trip for us... We are heading back home tomorrow morning.  We got about 30 hours to drive, so we are gonna break it down by stopping in Orlando to skate some spots there.  But overall, the trip was amazing!  We had a lot of good times, skated a lot of good spots, and had amazing weather pretty much the whole time.  Even tho everything was good, we are still kinda stoked to come back home... Here are photos of the few last days of the trip.

This is a perfect rail we found close to our place

Had to enjoy the beach on the last day

Nimrod after getting his last clip of the trip

Stay tuned for a fun digicam edit of the trip in the next couple weeks!


Week 2 in Miami

It's been a few days since that last post... We've been skating so much everyday that we're dead when we get back to our place.  I also got food poisoning last week so I was not really doing anything for a couple days.  Here are a few spots we've hit in the past few days.

This was a perfect bump to rail.  The rail was pretty high tho.

Nimrod looking at that perfect gap out rail.

The boys trying to figure out what they wanna try on that rail.

Somehow, we didn't get kicked out there...

Nice little gap in South Beach

"La sandwicherie" This is where I got sick...

Nimrod picking up coconuts cause he was thirsty


We've been here for only 4 days so far, and it's been crazy hot everyday.  Here are a few spots we've skated so far...  We also went to this pool tonight.  It was fucking sick!  It was everyone's first time skating a real pool and it was hard as fuck!!


We in Miami bitch!

Nimrod, Adam, and I got to Miami last night.  We met up with our boy Carlos to get the keys to our luxurious apartment in Sunny Isles, Miami Beach.  We started the day early this morning, and went skating a few spots downtown.  It was so hot we all got some real nice sunburns.  We are super car lagged tonight, so we are gonna keep it mellow and go to sleep soon.  Here's a nice little picture of Nimrod and Adam getting ready for bed.


A Great Canadian Tradition

Here in Canada we are known for bacon, maple syrup, pond hockey, and fly outs. Another amazing tradition we have is the garage or basement mini ramp or skate spot. Our winters are harsh and sometimes long, but our drive to skateboard forces us to be creative when it comes to finding ways to skate. Our boy Nimrod is possessed to skate, so it should not come as a surprise that him and his homies scrapped together enough dough to get something going. Last night, while acpocolyse snow was going on outside, Seb, Nimrod, George and I were shredding in a tiny garage tucked away in a secret location.
Here are some shitty pics of what went down.

hardflip to fakie

kickflip shifty to fakie

tre flip to fakie

Classic Nimrod


LaBomba's Summer 2012 Ipod montage

Check out this video I made filming with my Ipod!!  Me, Nimrod, Quinn, and a bunch of other friends went out skating almost everyday this summer.  We decided to capture some fun times and some skating instead of sitting down when we were tired.  This is what we came up with!  Hope you guys enjoy it!

Now that winter is here, me, Nimrod, Adam Bos, and a 4th person are heading down to Miami for a nice little vacation in January.  Expect another one of these fun montages when we get back from the trip sometime at the end of January!!


Shop Shoot Out Shit Show

If you did not know already, Camp Fortune has an indoor mini ramp at the base of the ski hill. Yup, tucked inside a small old ski chalet lies a 3 foot high, 20 foot wide ramp. Fucking amazing huh? So, how the hell did something so awesome happen is this neck of the woods? I will tell you, that guy in the middle of the picture below, Eric Gagné made it happen, that's how. Eric is the groomer for the Camp Fortune Park and an all around great guy. Somehow he convinced the owners of Camp Fortune to let him do it. Then, when he told the boys at Oaks Boardshop about it, they dropped in on the project by paying for all the wood. Now, we have a nice warm, dry spot to skate this winter. So big thanks to Eric Gagné, Camp Fortune and Oaks Boardshop.
We had an event there Dec. 16th to help break in the the place and spread the word. Loads of dirtbags shredded hard, most notably Nimrod, Damien Whelan,
Jacob Gagné, Jon Pie, and shop owners Aaron Cayer and Eric Lauzon. We also raised 200 $ for the Wakefield SP. I will spare you the rest of the details, just know it was fun. Big thanks to everyone who came, to Camp Fortune for the food and hospitality and to Oaks Boardshop for funding the ramp!! This winter just got better!

3 generations of awesomeness

these guys 

beige food to match the beige ramp

the fist of vulture

dirt bags everywhere

Top of the World won the day


The one the only Matt Dupuis !!!


OK, OK, there are probably lots of Matt Dupuis' out there, but there is only one NIMROD!!!  This EQ team member has been stepping up his game these days. He spent the spring and summer skating with Seb, going on trips to SF and Vancouver, getting footage and pics, meeting new friends and just generally shreddin' everything like he clearly does not  give a fuck. He is currently working hard, saving for his next trip to Miami in January with Seb Labbe, Adam Bos and special mystery guests.
Check out his promo right now and these pics we stole from Facebook.

[ o ] Jordan Wiens  SouthParc 2012

[  o  ] Joel Acton Hull 2012


En Equilibre X Antique X Vans Ramp Jam

Who would organize a Ramp Jam judged by girls ? The maniacs at EQ and Antique, that's who! Last years was so epic we had to do it again. Only this time we changed up the venue to Legacy. Men like us need to be free from helmet rules and whiners telling us not to renegade beers in front of kids.
The one and only Bob Lasalle from Vans Canada drove down and provided us with some BBQ, beverages, prizes, and most of all some country flare. We kicked things off with a best trick on the lil' down rail, then the kids bowl jam. It was sick seeing the next generation pumped to skate the bowl.. When the main event started the punk and country music was blasting,  megaphones were in full effect, beer cans were crushed, darts were freebanged and the skating was a chaotic mayhem of maniless. Check out this edit we put together for a small taste of went down. If you were there you know who won!!! All I am going to say is that Trejo, Sam, Party Pet, Jamie Feres and pretty much everybody killed it and it was fun as hell.

                               To enjoy more mayhem come out to Legacy on Oct. 27th for this